Tiny Wounds​/​Never Say Goodbye

by Grand Atlantic

Tiny Wounds 03:03


Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to let go of something precious. As a band, Grand Atlantic has always tried to be true to our music and honest with our fans. We’ve set ourselves high standards, and we’re immensely proud of the music that we made and the shows that we played, and grateful to the people we’ve worked with, played with and socialized with all over the globe.

But the time has come, as it does for many things, to let go and to move on. After almost 8 years, 3 albums, 1 EP, 192 shows, 2 tours of the US, 1 tour of Japan, 12 tours of Australia, 4782 beers, 87 sakis, 112 practice room arguments, 4 band member disappearing acts on tour, 72 hairstyles, and a cast of thousands of great friends we have made along the way, Grand Atlantic are pulling up stumps. While we will never say never for anything happening with GA in the future, the time has come to celebrate the years we’ve had together and to move on to other adventures.

Before we leave, we have finished a couple of songs for a final release.. a double A side, digital release titled 'Tiny Wounds/Never Say Goodbye'. As a band we are chuffed to be finishing up while in great form and we are happy to be sharing these last tunes with you all before we go... recorded and mixed by Dan James (Drawn From Bees) the release is that of a band with an unwavering resolve to produce music we love.. to the very last, honest and true to the legacy of all the great, guitar charged indie and psych rock bands that have gone before us (and some that will outlast us).


released September 9, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Dan James (Drawn From Bees)


all rights reserved


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